|| Shree Mahalaxmi Prassanna ||
Prasad Kaul

Goddess Mahalaxmi is a Patron Goddess(Gram Devata) of Panaji City. Devottees offer Prasadpuja for seeking Devi's permission (Kaul) for undertaking new ventures, marriages, etc and blessings for fulfillment of their wishes. Not only hindus but christian people also come to this temple for Prasad Kaul(God's Word).Here the prasad kaul is given in the temple of Shree Ravalnath which is adjacent to Shree Mahalaxmi Temple. Prasad Kaul is taken by applying small pieces of karmali tree leaves at 59 specific spots on the idol of Shree Ravalnath.Every place has its own meaning and accordingly the Devi's Kaul is interpreted. For taking the prasad the devottees have to collect a prasad pavati(receipt) from the receipt counter in Mahalaxmi temple.

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